Infinifactory mod

Infinifactory is a wonderful 3D puzzle game from Zachtronics. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, but was dissatisfied with some aspects of the UI, and decided to have a go at fixing these myself.

Feature summary:

  • Solution management
    • Unlimited solution slots
    • Solution renaming
  • Block editing
    • Rotate selection
    • Flip selection
    • Clone selection
    • Add to selection
    • Select thing
    • Quick delete

More information and download link in the announcement on reddit.

Unfortunately, the mod is now outdated, and difficult to update due to the game’s use of obfuscation. (I might still do this if there is enough demand and further game updates become unlikely, but probably not otherwise.)

Note: this article is back-dated, and was originally written on 2018-11-06.