Linux rice

This is what my Linux desktop looks like right now:


What’s going on here:

  • The window manager is i3-gaps. (I’ve since contributed a few improvements to i3 for some use cases.)
  • The status bar at the top is the standard i3-status, driven by a custom D program.
  • Transparency (for programs that don’t support it natively) is achieved using a color-key shader applied by the Compton compositor. Note that this is not whole-window transparency - text in focused windows is always at 100% opacity!
  • The web browser is Firefox, with some custom CSS for transparency and removing UI bloat. Vertical tabs are provided by the Tree Style Tab extension. You can extract my CSS rules from the Stylish database.
  • The terminal emulator is urxvt, with a custom ZSH theme. The file manager is Midnight Commander.
  • Emacs is my text editor of choice. The customizations visible in the screenshot are the smart mode line, and minimal scrollbars thanks to the Lucid toolkit it is compiled against.
  • On the other monitor is Thunderbird (customized in the same way as Firefox), and KVIrc the IRC client (with a custom Qt theme).
  • I’ve set the font everywhere (that I could get away with) to Fixed 7x13, a core X11 font for which I’ve yet to find a rival.

I’m quite happy with this configuration, and haven’t changed it much since originally setting it up.

Bonus laptop screenshot:


Note: this article is back-dated, and was originally written on 2018-11-06.