PuTTY Knife for KiTTY

PuTTY Knife is a small program that, when launched, creates a context menu that contains all of your PuTTY sessions. KiTTY is a PuTTY fork with a bunch of new features. Since KiTTY stores its sessions in another registry key, PuTTY Knife doesn’t “see” them.

Here is a patched version that reads the KiTTY registry key instead of the standard PuTTY one:

Edit: I completely missed out on the session launcher feature in KiTTY, which supports KiTTY’s session folder structure.

Edit 2: I got so used to launching PuTTY Knife from a shortcut, that I could never get used to reaching for KiTTY’s session launcher in the system tray. Instead, I wrote a tiny program which pops up KiTTY’s system tray menu. Here it is:

#include <windows.h>
void main()
	HWND h = FindWindow("KiTTYLauncher", "KiTTYLauncher");
	if (h == 0)
		SendMessage(h, 0x402, 9901, WM_LBUTTONUP);

Download: KiTTYLauncher.exe (just 1 KB!)