Dvorak-based International, Romanian and phonetic Russian layouts

I switched to the Dvorak keyboard layout a while ago, but English is only my third language. I’ve used the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to create Dvorak-based variants of the Romanian and Russian layouts.

The layouts are:

  • DvorakIn — Dvorak International (has AltGr combinations for various international characters). Based on dubaron’s layout.
  • DvrkRoCo — Romanian (comma variant). Diacritics are typed using AltGr or the ` or ^ dead keys.
  • DvorakRo — Romanian (cedilla variant). Romanian diacritics should use commas instead of cedillas, however not all environments support comma diacritics correctly.
  • DvorakRu — Russian (phonetic). Some letters are typed using AltGr.

Download. The source .klc files can be found on GitHub.